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Sari collection

Vintage saris were used for this collection by el.résidu , carefully selected in India. Saris are traditional garments worn by women in India. The word 'sari' literally means 'piece of cloth' in Sanskrit. A sari contains approximately 4 to 8 meters of fabric, mainly made of silk and cotton. Later, synthetic qualities such as viscose and polyester came onto the market. The sarees selected for this collection are made from silk, cotton-silk, cotton and viscose blends.

What makes these fabrics so special is that the existence of saris is centuries old. The first mention of saris in a Hindu verse is dated to 3000 years BC. Saris are still traditionally worn by many Hindustani and Islamic women. Not only in India, but also in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Saris are very colorful and have beautiful prints and sometimes embroidery. The symbols used in the prints have a certain meaning. For example, the animals depicted on saris, such as elephants, peacocks and lions, represent things like Royalty, power and wealth.

The designs of the first collection are all timeless pieces that can be worn and styled in multiple ways. All items are available in two sizes (S/M and L/XL). Each item is made with limited stock, in different prints, making them all unique pieces .

This collection is for all daredevils , who are not afraid to wear bright colors and striking prints. For those who want to connect with their clothes on a deeper level, by respecting and embracing the beautiful stories they have already lived through, and creating new stories together!

*A little sidenote:

Since the fabrics used are made from pre-loved materials, some impurities may sometimes be visible. This is the beauty and charm of up-cycled materials and therefore makes it even more special to wear.