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The ultimate set, made from 100% cotton leftover block prints, that you can wear all year round with the right styling.

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The Saumya Tee

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T-shirts, up-cycled and with a very special meaning...

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On a mission

Curious about the story behind the el.résidu collections and the makers? Click on the button below and read the story of the wives of one of el.résidu's partners; Saheli women.

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Embrace your unique personality with special clothing from El.résidu!

Do you like colorful and beautiful clothing that is comfortable, of good quality and for which you do not have to feel guilty about how the items are made? You've come to the right place at El.résidu!

In 2021 I decided to no longer want to contribute to excessive consumption and unnecessary pollution of our environment. Every year, more than 135 million kilos of textiles are thrown away in the Netherlands alone, of which only 1% is recycled. So it's high time for a different approach!

At El.résidu, leftover materials are given a second chance and transformed into timeless clothing and accessories. El.résidu's clothing production is also not about speed, as we unfortunately still see in the fast fashion industry. The production of clothing is all done in an honest and ethical manner. This allows us to contribute together to a cleaner world. Choose sustainable shopping and make that conscious choice for ethical fashion and a sustainable lifestyle!

View the collection full of ethical and trendy outfits for women and men! For example, choose an airy, sustainable dress or skirt . Would you like to stand out? Choose a beautiful body warmer . The colorful blazers from El.résidu will keep you nice and warm. Finally, complete your outfit with one of the unique practical bags .

Discover the special stories woven in El.résidu's sustainable and fashion-conscious clothing

El.résidu simply means 'the remains' in Spanish. Although residue is often considered waste in the fashion industry, it offers many opportunities for creativity and reuse. To save these fabrics from the textile waste mountain, I only use vintage or left-over materials. These materials are upcycled: the fabrics are given a new life, where the story is cherished.

A fun fact: every upcycled clothing has a hang tag with information about the maker of this item. This way the story lives on and you get more information about the production process. Curious about the stories behind all these ethical collections? Read more about El.résidu clothing here .

Sustainability in fashion doesn't have to be boring, right?

Many people still have the association that sustainable clothing brands mainly consist of expensive and luxurious basics. El.résidu's unique accessories and clothing consist of cheerful colors and challenging prints. We make the clothing from pre-loved and deadstock materials. All items are finished accurately and with full attention for a luxurious appearance. For example, shop one of the women's and men's blouses with print from the #Evan collection and combine it with the colorful comfy #Dena jacket!

Comfort is an important goal, because who doesn't want clothes that fit comfortably? I want to make everyone happy with the large fitting range. You deserve to feel happy! Timeless garments and fashion-conscious designs make it easy to combine the clothing with your own wardrobe and adapt it to your own style.

Together we are strong in selling clothing: fashion with impact!

In addition to sustainability in fashion, reducing and reusing materials, I strive to put the real makers behind the brand in the spotlight. They are the true artists! My goal is to create more awareness about the entire clothing production process, which is still too hidden in the fashion industry.

Together with my partners in India, I strive for fair clothing and colorful accessories. All items are made in a responsible manner: handmade clothing for the conscious consumer. For my first collection I collaborated with Saheli Women, among others. Their mission is to support the women of the rural village of Bhikamkor in Rajasthan, India, through ethical and sustainable fashion, helping them become financially independent. Through these initiatives, they aim to promote prosperity and create livelihood opportunities.

So I don't do it all alone! Curious about my other collaborations? Read the blog 'GUAVE x el.résidu' about the collaboration with Guave with whom I share my mission.

Discover unique luxury: eye-catchers for your personal clothing style

El.résidu's ethical clothing is mainly for women, but men can also go here. The collection is 40% unisex, so everyone can style the garments in their own way. The items are made to make you shine, whatever your gender!

Each piece of clothing receives a lot of attention, making them exclusive and sometimes only available in limited numbers. So do not wait too long! Due to the large fitting range, the clothing is only available in size S/M or L/XL. A useful fact is that you can even wear some items of clothing inside out, so double the fun!

Discover El.résidu's women's and men's clothing collection with its striking colors and beautiful prints. And add a unique eye-catcher of a bag : a perfect choice for many occasions. Give your wardrobe a sustainable and stylish upgrade with colorful clothing and accessories from El.résidu!

Discover more about me and El.residu's mission here !

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✓ Ethical responsible way of production

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