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The story behind el.résidu

Have you become curious about the story behind all that splendor? Then read on:

el.residue ; which, in Spanish, simply means
for leftovers.

That is exactly what the core value is of el.résidu is; Remains
such as transforming vintage or ''dead-stock'' materials into unique items and on those
way to save the textile waste mountain that we face worldwide.
Every year, more than 135 million kilos of textiles are thrown away in the Netherlands alone, of which only 1%
is recycled. So it's high time for a different approach.

Sustainable fashion brands now have so -called 'goats'
woolen socks''
image, but nowadays
there is another negative image lurking for sustainable brands due to the
amount of ''greenwashing'' going around in the fashion world.
Do you sometimes not see the forest for the trees with all those claims from brands?
that pretend to be sustainable, but you also regularly hear stories that it is
does it all turn out to be slightly different than what is said? Who and what needs to be done
you can and cannot believe these days and what information can still really be trusted?
I feel you!

I believe that a change in the world always starts with yourself and that's why
changed course in 2021. During work trips for my former job to, among others
Italy, Turkey, China and India, I often saw how many unused leftovers
could still be found in factories or fabric stores - Shame!
That's why I decided to give these materials a second life by creating new ones
and make timeless items that are honest and ethical
have been produced.

How can I say this without also making myself guilty of greenwashing? - Good question!

Because I went to the source, to India. A country that feels like a true treasure trove full of materials with an incredibly rich history of the most beautiful, authentic crafts you can imagine. There I am personally looking through the piles of vintage and...
dead-stock fabrics, looking for the most beautiful unused gems. I also visited the right partners who wanted to collaborate to bring the el.résidu collections to life.

And who am I then? – you may be wondering now


My name is Ella, born and raised in a small village in the far north of the Netherlands. At the age of eighteen I decided to leave my parental home and move to Amsterdam to realize my dream there. I didn't really know exactly what that dream meant. Only at the age of 11 did I know that it would have ''something'' to do with fashion. I have now had an intense but educational career as a fashion designer and at the age of 30 I decided to make the bold move to quit my job and finally develop those endless thoughts into something concrete. Something that really makes my heart beat faster...

Here we are!

Well, long story short:

el.résidu offers you special and striking items that:

> Lets you have your own unique style, because there is only one of each print! – Byebye copycats!
> The comfiest, flattering materials with the richest finish – it's all in the details, honey 😉
> Have a wide fitting range So, don't you worry about those extra pounds in the winter months
> Endless style variations + easy to combine with your own wardrobe – Be creative!
> Fairly produced by small-scale organizations in India Read more about it here
> Consists of 40% unisex items - By sharing your blouse with your lover or bestie, this increases the price
suddenly a lot cheaper #girlmath

The current fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries we know. For example, 5% of CO2 emissions come from textiles and textiles
clothing industry. This still revolves around short-lived fashion trends and overconsumption, which means that clothing has lost its value. Nowadays, only true connoisseurs understand luxurious qualities, the most refined finish and a beautiful fit. In addition, the entire production process has lived for years in the shadow of all the glam that the clothing industry pretended to be.
Shocking images of factory workers working very hard under the harshest conditions and being underpaid for it have now come to light, but unfortunately they are not yet a thing of the past.

With el.résidu I want you to experience again how much work, passion and love goes into a garment. From creating the prints, to the
design, the patterns, the sewing and all the steps that follow until you have your package on your doorstep or make a purchase at one of the points of sale.
With this I want to contribute to the pleasure you will experience when wearing your unique item with a magical story where the world becomes a little more colorful, sustainable and beautiful step by step! Clothes that you consider to be your favorite items, with which you have a deeper connection, that you cherish, that make you shine and give you a good feeling.

I consider myself the founder of el.résidu , I do it
certainly not alone!

All creations are co-created with my partners in India. Read here
more about the production process.

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