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Ikat collection

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I think you are now aware that el.résidu stands for color. These cotton woven fabrics are a wonderful addition to the current range. The woven patterns in these qualities are called ikat. This is an age-old traditional way of dyeing and weaving that is still made authentically with wooden looms. What makes these ikat fabrics extra special is that they are beautifully finished on both sides. So there are no loose threads visible on the inside and therefore provides extra wearing comfort. During my trip to India in May '23, I dug into the pantries at the Saheli women center where I found these beautiful left-over ikat fabrics. Instantly fell in love with these beautiful colors and patterns. It therefore had no choice but to include these meters in the collection.

The Sanya blouse and Madhu pants can be combined as a statement suit, making it look like you have put a lot of effort into looking so stylish, while you fully enjoy the comfort that the suit has to offer. How? Due to the soft quality and comfortable and loose fitting. Ideal for different occasions, because you can style the suit in different ways. Did you know that the Sanya blouse is unisex? This means your lover can also borrow it from you every now and then, making the blouse an even more sustainable purchase than it already is!