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Eco dye collection

During my trip to India in May '23, I visited it Saheli women center and saw a number of trials of the printing technique called eco-dye. Silk or cotton fabrics are sprinkled with flowers and spices, resulting in the most special patterns.

I immediately fell in love with this printing technique and decided to use some meters of silk that they had left over from another customer and include it in the collection. See the end result here! Beautiful silk pajama suits that are so soft and comfortable that you want to walk around in them all day. The good news is that you can simply take to the streets with these suits! Never before has a home suit been so stylish!

Because the printing technique is completely handmade, each item is unique!
Can you guess which colors come from, for example, rose petals, indigo or turmeric?

The kaftan dresses included in this collection also have a special story. When Saheli had a batch of rejected items from another customer, they were at a loss. All costs had already been incurred so this had major consequences for them. I asked Madhu (the owner of Saheli), "what if I change the design a little now and take them over from you?" Shocked, she responded: "Wow, do you really want to do that?" We decided to spice up the items with the eco-dye technique and add cords at the waist and neck. The perfect holiday dress that is fun with slippers for the beach or in the evening for dinner with a beautiful heel underneath.

This project is very special to me because this is exactly why I el.residue started: saving clothing or fabrics from unnecessary waste, and transforming them into new items and thus extending their lifespan.