Meet Radhika Rao!

An eleven-year-old girl living in a tent camp with her mother, two sisters, and brother in Pushkar, India.

Thanks to the donation made to during the Black Friday deal in November, they are able to cover her school fees for a year, provide a new school uniform, shoes, a bag, and school books.

I express my gratitude to everyone who made a purchase from @el.residu during our sale, enabling me to contribute to 's impactful work

There's often criticism towards (sustainable) brands participating in events like Black Friday. However, in order to compete with major labels, you're putting yourself offside by not participating at all.

Therefore, I decided to turn it into a positive opportunity, to not only offer discounts but also give my customers the opportunity to make a positive impact through supporting a small company that have set up an initiative to do a donation or anything like that.

You might be curious about who bears the actual cost of this initiative? well, that's me…

While I aspire for @el.residu to become a successful brand, allowing me to quit my side-job and lead a comfortable life, my motivation extends far beyond personal gain. @el.residu was initiated to bring a change in the fashion industry by giving leftover and dead stock materials a second chance and making a meaningful impact for those in need.

It fills my heart with love and gratitude to set up a deal like this in order to help others. I hope this will inspire you as well, to always try to see what it is you can do to make this world a better place ❤️